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How to Watch Foreign Films
From your World Film Guide

Foreign films have the reputation of being boring. This is undeserved. In fact, most foreign films are heartbreaking, interesting, funny, and often times, erotic. These few steps will help you to enjoy the variety of films the world has to offer.

Difficulty Level: Average    Time Required: 100 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Foreign films can be enjoyed both in the theater and at home. For your first experience, you may want to stay in the comfort of your own home. Most local, independently owned video stores offer a great selection.
  2. Foreign films are either dubbed or have subtitles. If the idea of 'reading' a movie turns you off, choose the dubbed films. The video box should tell you which kind of tape it is. Most fans of foreign film prefer subtitles.
  3. If you choose a subtitled movie, make sure you can see the screen clearly. Relax, you'll get used to going back and forth from the words to the action. Sometimes you can learn a few words of the other language.
  4. Foreign films come in a vast variety. Have an idea of what type of movie you want to see: comedy, tragedy, historical. This will save you time at the video store. Look up titles of the World Film pages.
  5. Film festivals, like Cannes, can provide the titles of good foreign movies, but that's not always a guarantee the movie will be good. Trust your own instincts and rent what looks good to you.
  6. Different countries tend to have different styles of movies. You'll learn which ones you prefer. If Chinese movies make you sad because everyone dies at the end, choose a French for farce and love triangles. English have bawdy comedies.
  7. Don't limit your choices to the New Releases section of the store. There are much better foreign films than [i]Life is Beautiful[/i].


  1. Make sure you are wearing your corrective lenses, if you have them, if you're watching a movie with subtitles.
  2. Throw a theme party by renting movies, wearing native costumes, and serving food all from the same country.

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