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Daniel Auteil

Daniel Auteuil in a scene from "Après Vous."

Birth Date:

January 24, 1950.

Place of Birth:

Alger, Algeria.


Auteuil met French actress Emmanuelle Béart during the filming of L'amour en douce (Love on the Quiet). They share a daughter, Nelly, who was born in 1992.


One of France's most respected actors, Daniel Auteuil has established himself as a performer at ease in any number of genres, ranging from period dramas to romantic comedies to crime thrillers. The son of opera singers, he was born in Algeria on January 24, 1950. After starring in a number of forgettable comedies, Auteuil had his breakthrough playing the scheming farmer Ugolin in "Jean de Florette" (1986). He won a Best Actor César and a Best Supporting Actor BAFTA for his portrayal, and that same year he earned further acclaim for his work in the film's equally popular sequel,"Manon des Sources." Auteuil's involvement in Manon had the added benefit of introducing him to costar Emmanuelle Beart, with whom he would have a ten-year relationship that produced a daughter, born in 1992.

Auteuil subsequently became known for his work as one of the screen's most accomplished purveyors of emotional turmoil. His searching, conflicted portrayals found particularly effective expression in such films as "Un Coeur En Hiver" (1992), "Ma Saison Préférée" (1993), in which he and Catherine Deneuve starred as siblings with an unnatural bond; "La Séparation" (1994), "La Reine Margot" (1994), "Le Huitième Jour," and "Les Voleurs" (1996), a crime drama in which he and Deneuve were again cast as a brother and sister. In 1999, Auteil collaborated with celebrated director Patrice Leconte on "Girl On The Brigde," playing a knife-thrower who embarks on a journey across Europe with a suicidal young woman (Vanessa Paradis).

Other films starring Auteuil include Pascal Bonitzer's "Petites Coupures" starring opposite Kristen Scott Thomas, Pierre Salvadori's "Apres-Vous" (2003) and Olivier Marchal's "36" and Michael Hanake's Hidden (2005).

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