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Louis Garrel

Louis Garrel

Francois Durand/Getty Images

Louis Garrel: His Famous Family :

He is the son of Philippe Garrel, a French director, and Brigitte Sy, a director and actress. His grandfather is Maurice Garrel and his godfather is actor Jean-Pierre Léaud, both of them also famous French actors.

Louis Garrel Biography:

In Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers, Louis Garrel plays Theo a young French film student and habitué at the Cinémathèque who befriends Matthew and invites him to spend time at his home while his parents are away on vacation. Garrel intuitively understood his role a young cinefile.

"Maybe because my father is a director, maybe because my mother is a director too, in theater, and maybe because my grandfather is an actor, the cinema is my life,” said the young actor in an interview.

Garrel previously starred in Rodolphe Marconi's Ceci Est Mon Corps (2000). He appeared in director Christophe Honoré's production Ma Mere also starring Isabelle Huppert. in 2005, he starred in Regular Lovers, directed by his father.

Garrel has since starred in Dans Paris , playing younger brother to Romain Duris, Francois Ozon's short film Un lever de rideau, Christophe Honoré's Chasons d'amour with Ludivine Sagnier, and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi's Actrices.

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