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Paz Vega

Paz Vega

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Paz Vega was born in Seville, Spain, on January 2, 1976. and takes her stage name from her grandmother. She is married to Orson Salazar. The couple welcomed their first child, Orson on May 2, 2007.

Her Early Days:

Vega was sixteen when she took her first role in the television series "Más que amigos." In 1999, she got her first major movie role in Zapping, in which she played a hot sex-loving vixen who snagged another woman's husband. She was then cast in 7 Vidas, billed as the Spanish Friends which went on to become one of the country's best-loved sitcoms.

Breakout Role:

Already a superstar in her native Spain, Paz Vega became a star in the U.S. as well after James L. Brooks cast her as in the Adam Sandler film Spanglish.

Paz Vega's Film Career:

Already a superstar in her native Spain, Paz Vegas attracted international attention with her vulnerable but sexy performance in Julio Medem's Sex And Lucia (2001). Pedro Almodovar went on to cast Vega in the award-winning Talk to Her. American audiences discovered the appealing actress with her terrific performance as the Mexican housekeeper in Spanglish.

Vega didn't speak English when James L. Brooks cast her in the role of Flor Moreno in Spanglish. She not only had to study the English for the film, she needed a language coach in order to achieve a convincing Mexican accent.

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