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Roxane Mesquida


Roxane Mesquida

Roxane Mesquida and Grégoire Colin in a scene from Catherine Breillat's "Sex Is Comedy."

Birth Date:

October 1, 1981.

Place of Birth:

Marseille, France.

Career Profile:

Smoldering beauty Roxane Mesquida got her start working with controversial French filmmaker Catherine Breillat. She played as a virgin temptress Elena in Breillat's 2001 Fat Girl. She stars opposite Grégoire Colin in Brellait's Sex Is Comedy. Mesquida's other's parts include Eric Assous's Very Opposite Sexes and Ismaël Ferroukh's Le Grand Voyage. She will next be seen in Catherine Breillat's most recent film The Last Mistress.
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