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An Amazing Couple

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An Amazing Couple

François Morel and Ornella Muti in "An Amazing Couple"

The second installment of Lucas Belvaux's Trilogy is a comedy. I can't think of a recent film that has made me laugh harder or pleased me more. "An Amazing Couple" is a perfect farce, replete with well developed, likeable characters, a bad case of hypochondria, healthy paranoia, rampant jealousy and a series of badly told lies that leave the happy stable lives of a middle-aged couple in disarray.
When Alain Costes (François Morel) discovers that he is need of minor surgery, he begins to act strangely. Certain that his illness is fatal, he begins to tell seemingly innocent lies to his wife Cecile (Italian bombshell Ornella Muti.) She, however, is not used to being lied to and promptly hires a private detective to investigate. When Alain becomes aware that he is being followed, Cecile is suddenly required to tell some fast lies of her own. As the confusion escalates, so does the desperate behavior of the two lovers. Petulant daughters are getting slapped around, secretaries' boyfriends are kidnapped, and a weekend chalet serves as an overcrowded hideout.

"An Amazing Couple" is a delight on its own, but the added bonus of recognizing familiar characters and actual scenes from the other installments of the Trilogy is doubly rewarding. The way filmmaker Lucas Belvaux splices a menacing moment from the somber thriller "On The Run" into "An Amazing Couple" and having it work as comedy is positively brilliant. The difference between farce and tragedy, he seems to say, lies merely in the camera angle.
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