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La Strada Criterion Collection DVD

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La Strada Criterion DVD

The Bottom Line

One of Fellini's best films, "La Strada" is an essential classic of world cinema that's bound to break your heart.
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  • Beautifully restored DVD of Federico Fellini's classic film
  • Guilietta Masina's terrific performance
  • Anthony Quinn as strongman Zampano


  • Once you heard the haunting Nino Rota score, you'll never be able to forget it


  • Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1956
  • Special edition 2-DVD set
  • New transfer with restored image and sound
  • Audio commentary by Fellini scholar Peter Bondanella
  • Optional English dub
  • Video Introduction by Martin Scorsese

Guide Review - La Strada Criterion Collection DVD

The story of Gelsomina, a poor girl from the Italian coast who is taken away by the cruel strongman Zampano to become a circus performer is so well told, acted, and shot, that it's nearly impossible to resist. Guillietta Masina is regularly compared to Charlie Chaplin. In the role of the clowning but gentle Gelsomina, she proves that the comparison is earned.
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