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Twentynine Palms


29 Palms


Katia Golubeva, David Wissak.


Bruno Dumont

Release Date:

April 9, 2004 (limited.)



Nation of Origin:



In Twentynine Palms, his remarkable third feature, Bruno Dumont has followed a number of illustrious European predecessors into the desert landscapes of America to produce a film of extraordinary power and great beauty…. David is a relaxed, nonchalant American, while his traveling companion Katia is prone to sudden bouts of depression and erratic behaviour. Neither speaks the other's language - David speaks English and Katia, an Eastern European, speaks only French - so they communicate through sexual encounters, thus managing to transcend the dysfunction that becomes a regular part of their daily exchanges…. The film is steeped in the primal: whimpers, groans, cries, and panting abound throughout the soundtrack; sand, rock, highway, sky and water dominate the visuals.
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