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This film looks at the last 100 years of marijuana use, culture, and legislation, compiled from 400 hours of archival footage. Narrated by the celebrity weed aficionado Woody Harrelson, whose very name in the credits will ensure a laugh from audiences. Grass was recently banned in Ontario because of a brief scene in which monkees and chimpanzees smoke pot.

Running Time: 80 minutes
Distributor: Unapix (USA), Lions Gate Films (Canada)

Cast: Woody Harrelson (narrator)

Director: Ron Mann
Screenwriter: Solomon Vesta

Long article about the film


"This savvy and biting examination of America's tireless crusade against marijuana offers some unsettling insight into the legalization controversy. By exposing the relatively unknown history of dope laws in the U.S., Grass manages to chip away at the drug's layers of stigmatization to reveal a disturbing core of government-controlled propaganda. Campy and compelling, this pro-pot doc actually transcends typical stoner tub-thumping and effectively challenges U.S. drug policy."

The New York Times
"The picture is broken up into sections recounting the varying official takes on the effects of marijuana, like its leading to insanity, heroin abuse, Communism and finally, indolence. The movie doesn't focus exclusively on the gaunt, wide-eyed stereotype of the pot addict, though it does use that image to score a number of laughs."

Want to Know More?

Interview with the director
Rob Mann talks about the making if Grass.

Long article about the film
The Cannabis News reprint of the feature from the Toronto Star.

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