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Human Traffic

This movie follows five young friends in Cardiff, Wales, through a weekend of clubbing and partying, with the requisite sex, drugs and techno. The directorial debut of Justin Kerrigan. This film has been and will be compared to Trainspotting but this film has a character all of its own.

MPAA Rating: R (for pervasive drug content and language, and for some strong sexuality)

Running Time: 99 minutes

Distributor: Miramax Films

Cast: John Simm (Jip), Lorraine Pilkington (Lulu), Shaun Parkes (Koop), Danny Dyer (Moff), Nicola Reynolds (Nina), Dean Davies (Lee).

Director/Screenwriter: Justin Kerrigan (debut)


Best Achievement in Production, 1999 British Independent Film Awards; Runner-up, Film Discovery Award, 1999 Toronto International Film Festival.


"Writer-director Justin Kerrigan is an improbable Welsh Woody Allen-while his subject is an unapologetic lost weekend among a crew of ecstasy-loving Cardiffians in their 20's, the unrelenting zest of the filmmaking has made comparisons to Trainspotting inevitable. Yet it's more of a piece with another much-beloved, much-quoted mosaic of a movie-Human Traffic is an Annie Hall for the next generation."

"To concentrate solely upon the drugs issue however, would be to do a great injustice to this talented new director. He alternates deftly between fantasy and pseudo-documentary styles in order to portray the developing relationships between his malcontented characters, who are made all the more charismatic by a spot-on cast. Even if you don't like what they do, you can't help but like them."

InsideOut films
"Justin Kerrigan wrote the script when he was 23. He is 25 now. What he has done is bend the influence of other directors to suit a cinematic sensibility that owes nothing to anyone, while creating the most original homegrown movie since... whatever."

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