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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Flying Monks Headed Our Way!

Dateline: 10/23/00

More current Crouching Tiger links
Since I originally posted this article, CTHD has gone on to become the highest-grossing foreign film ever. The following links offer more coverage on the amazing phenomenon.

Crouching Tiger Resources
Dozens of links to reviews, articles, fansites, and more.

My Review
Why I loved Crouching Tiger and can't stop seeing it.

Forum Discussions

Check out the forum for raging controversies, including why the film didn't do as well in China, if it's true that Ang Lee is set to direct "The Hulk" next, if there will be a Jerry Bruckheimer remake, and what the heck happens in the end.

Ang Lee
Resources on the film's director.

Michelle Yeoh
Martial arts expert Michlle Yeoh has become an international superstar: first "Tomorrow Never Dies" and now "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi, young star of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" kicks, flips, flies, chops and sword-fights her way past what Ang Lee calls her "little girl exterior."

The buzz is on.

Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is without a doubt the most anticipated world film this holiday season. When it premiered for American audiences at the Telluride Film festival, people could be heard sighing, "Ahh, after all these films, finally a movie!"

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"I love this movie to death. "
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• Crouching Tiger Resources
Dozens of links to reviews, articles, fansites, and more.

The movie has so far been shown at Cannes, Toronto, and the New York Film Festival, and everywhere, reviews are out of control. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but I'd like to get in line with the folks who can't wait.

The thing is, you can't go wrong when you see a collaboration of director Ang Lee (The Ice Storm, Sense and Sensibility, The Wedding Banquet) and the superstars Chow Yun-Fat (The Replacement Killers, Anna and the King) and Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies). Throw in action choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping, the guy who made Keanu Reeves run up the walls in The Matrix, and you know we're in for a spectacular treat.

Crouching Tiger promises to be an epic costume drama with plenty of action, a rich plot full of twists and surprises, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the clichés of the genre. Check out the trailer and tell me that you wouldn't mind seeing some flying monks. Word has it that the hilariously over-the-top action sequences make The Matrix look like the work of amateurs. Throw in the grace of the performers, the breathtaking landscapes and settings, and epic sweep of the story, and we might have that rare thing: a subtitled movie that your average cineplex audience might enjoy, a real-life foreign film blockbuster.

The film is currently scheduled for a December 8th, 2000 wide release. I can't wait.

Read my Review
It's another gushing rave.

More Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Links
An extensive listing of links to sites with reviews, articles, background, actor fansites, soundtrack, e-cards, downloads, and more.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Directed by Ang Lee; written (in Mandarin, with English subtitles) by James Schamus, Wang Hui Ling and Tsai Kuo Jung, based on the novel by Wang Du Lu; director of photography, Peter Pau; edited by Tim Squyres; music by Tan Dun; action choreographer, Yuen Wo-Ping; production designer, Tim Yip; produced by Bill Kong, Hsu Li Kong and Mr. Lee; released by Sony Pictures Classics. Running time: 120 minutes. This film is not rated. Starring: Chang Chen (Lo), Chow Yun Fat (Li Mu Bai), Cheng Pei-Pei (Jade Fox), Lung Sihung (Sir Te), Michelle Yeoh (Yu Shu Lien) and Zhang Ziyi (Jen Yu).

picture courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

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