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DVD Review

Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Harrowing tale of high school revenge from the director of "Kids"
•  Astounding performances from an excellent ensemble cast
•  Based on a true story
Cons  •  Horrifying and extremely disturbing
•  Gratuitous sex, drug use, and violence
•  Not for the weak of heart
The Bottom Line - This strangely compelling story of underage murder is hard to stomach but well worth watching in all its raw brutality.

Product Description
•  Larry Clark's third film after 1995's "Kids"
•  Brilliant performances by Nick Stahl, Brad Renfro, Rachel Miner
•  Based on the novel "Bully" by Jim Schutze
Guide Review

Rape, Murder, And Other Teenage Past Times
Larry Clark's thriller about high school violence is set in a suburban subculture of convertibles, hip hop, drugs, and underage sex. Nick Stahl plays the title role of bossy Bobby Kent, a teenager with a mean streak who abuses everyone around him. His best friend Marty (Brad Renfro) is the unhappy recipient of frequent beatings, and any girls in his vicinity stand a good chance of getting raped -- until Marty's new girlfriend Lisa (Rachel Miner) decides to end the bully's life. What follows is an extremely disturbing tale of escalating peer pressure and stupidity that ends the only way it can. The film, in spite of its grim subject matter, is oddly compelling
, mainly due to the excellent performances from the entire cast. Thorough interviews with the actors and director round out this well-designed DVD.

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