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Pros  •  Moody, spooky, eerie
•  Accurate potrayal of the demons of childhood
•  Echoes of "The Shining," "Poltergeist," and "Deliverance"
Cons  •  If you've watched a lot of X-Files, nothing here will surprise you much
•  Uneven dialog leads to some unintended laughs
The Bottom Line - The build-up of this horror yarn is expertly handled, but the solution leaves much to be desired.
Product Description
•  Eerie horror thriller set in the Catskills
•  Deer flesh, wood demons, and rampant hicks
•  A violent PETA revenge fantasy
Guide Review
Deer Hunter
Writer, director and editor Larry Fessenden delivers a spooky thriller about a family's weekend vacation at a snowed-in house in the Catskills. An accident with a deer leads to a run-in with foul-mouthed hunters, and the young son (Erik Per Sullivan) retreats into fear and fantasies of a wood demon. The expertly built tension of the first half dissipates with the introduction of cliched mysterious Indians and a poorly animated monster. This blend art house and horror won't satisfy either audience.
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