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Top 10 Films From Canada: A Highly Subjective List
A list of must-see Canadian Films, including David Cronenberg's.
Canadian Films - World / Independent Film - About.com
Reviews, official sites, and fan pages about the best in Canadian film, including Aton Egoyan's "The Sweethereafter," and Denys Arcand's "Barbarian Invasions."
The Toronto International Film Festival - World / Independent Film
Focus on Canadian Film. In 2001, Perspective Canada, the program that had focused on Canadian films since 1984, was replaced by two programs: Canada ...
Canadian Horror Movies - Horror Movies From Canada
An overview of horror movies from Canada, including history, profiles of major directors and a list of noteworthy films.
Toronto Film Festivals Calendar - Spring and Summer - About.com
Toronto is home to dozens of film festivals, large and small. Browse by month to explore how films and filmmakers are celebrated in this Canadian city from ...
Ice and Figure Skating Movies List - About.com
This is a Canadian movie. It was originally called "Skate." It is about a talented Canadian teen who loves to skate. She does well in the Canadian national ...
Top 10 End of the World Films 'Dr. Strangelove' (1964)
This quietly effective Canadian film is vague about the exact cause of annihilation and is free of any special effects. It looks to how a few individuals cope with ...
Top Ten Rugby Movies of All Time - About.com Rugby
Granted, making a decent movie about anything is a difficult task, and then ... to the 2004 Paralympics, as well as their heated rivalry with the Canadian team.
Great Horror Short Films Online - Horror Movies - About.com
A list of great horror short films available free online. ... As these short films show, you can craft a horror movie as scary, gory, fun and ... Canadian Film Centre ...
David Cronenberg - Horror Movies - About.com
Although he's largely left the genre behind, Canadian David Cronenberg remains one of the most critically acclaimed horror directors of all time. His horror films ...
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