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World/Independent Film - About.com
Reviews of recent and classic independent films, fansites, top ten lists, profiles of actors and directors, plus an alphabetical database of movies.
World/Independent Film - About.com
Read reviews of the best independent films from around the world. Tired of the typical Hollywood flick? Here are the best indie movies and foreign films to date.
How To Tell an Independent Film From a Studio Blockbuster
How to Tell an Independent Film From a Studio Blockbuster From your World Film Guide. With some indie films being distributed by the studios, and studio films ...
Washington, DC Independent Film Festival 2015
The Washington, DC Independent Film Festival is an annual event showcasing the latest feature, short, animation and documentary films by local, national, and ...
New Orleans Independent Film Festival - New Orleans Travel
An article about the annual New Orleans Independent Film Festival.
Top Ten Indie Movie Soundtracks - World/Independent Film
No independent film can be truly hip and achieve cult status without a happening soundtrack. Where would Jim Jarmusch be without Screaming Jay Hawkins ...
How To Write a Screenplay For an Independent Film
a simple how to on writing an independent screenplay, from your about.com guide.
Top Film Festivals for Foreign and Independent Film
The influence of such important international film festivals as Cannes, The Toronto Film Festival, The ... The Best of International and Independent Film Festivals.
How To Become an Indie Film Star - World/Independent Film - About ...
Only in the independent film genre do stars have the freedom to write, produce, direct, and star in their own films. Tarantino, Corrine, and Anders have all made it  ...
Directors & Stars - World/Independent Film - About.com
The crown gets passed along but the former queens of independent film are never forgotten: Lili Taylor, Parker Posey, Christina Ricci, Maggie Gyllenhaal and  ...
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