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Shortbus - World/Independent Film - About.com
A photo from the ThinkFilm release "Shortbus", directed by John Cameron Mitchell and starring Sook Yin Lee, Lindsay Beamish, Raphael Barker, Jay Brannan, ...
Top Ten Indie Movie Soundtracks - World/Independent Film
Where would Jim Jarmusch be without Screaming Jay Hawkins and John Lurie? ... John Cameron Mitchell sings Stephen Trask's songs, successfully adapted ...
Little Children - World/Independent Film - About.com
... movie I see to another, as-yet unreleased movie, but once again it strikes me how absurd Little Children looks compared to John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus,  ...
Marie Antoinette - World/Independent Film - About.com
In absurd bedroom scenes that will seem especially prudish once John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus is released, the king half-heartedly climbs on top of his ...
Top Ten Art House Musicals - World/Independent Film
John Cameron Mitchell's rock opera is not to be missed. Hedwig plays Midwestern buffets, changes wigs, searches for true love, and in the end goes for it all.
Jonathan Caouette Interview - Tarnation Movie - Hollywood Movies
... of course endorsed with the names of [executive producer] Gus Van Sant and [ executive producer] John Cameron Mitchell. But it's been very, very daunting.
Shrek Movie Review - Hollywood Movies - About.com
That is until the mighty small Lord Farquaad (voiced by John Lithgow) decides to rid his ... selected his bride-to-be and chose the lovely Princess Fiona (voiced by Cameron Diaz). ... Production Management: Mitchell Ferm and Triva von Klark
The Best Gay Comedy Movies of All Time - Gay Life - About.com
Director and star, John Cameron Mitchell, plays a transsexual who's surgery was botched when he was a teen, leaving him with a sexless and angry inch.
Best Dark and Twisted Movie Romances of 2006
Imagine Woody Allen with gay threesomes and and remote-controlled egg vibrators: with his groundbreaking second film, John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and ...
Lauren Bacall Movies - Classic Films Starring Lauren Bacall
John Kobal Foundation/Moviepix/Getty Images ... she ultimately leaves him to marry a seemingly poor man (Cameron Mitchell) who's been in love with her the  ...
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