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Profiles of the most interesting actresses working in world and independent film. Learn more about Chloe Sevigny's scandalous performance in "Brown Bunny," French newcomer Eva Green, Oscar winner Charlize Theron, serious Sarah Polley, Scarlett Johansson's sky rocketing career and many other talented women.
  1. American / Indie Actresses (206)
  2. Australian Actresses (32)
  3. Bollywood Actresses (214)
  4. British Actresses (87)
  5. Canadian Actresses (6)
  6. Chinese Actresses (42)
  7. French Actresses (29)
  8. German Actresses (12)
  9. Hong Kong Actress (14)
  10. Italian Actresses (12)
  11. Japanese Actresses (9)
  12. Scandinavian Actresses (2)
  13. Spanish Actresses (12)
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