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Alison Anders

I love her first feature "Gas Food Lodging," starring a precocious and wise Fairuza Balk. Ander's back at Sundance this year with "Things Behind the Sun."

IMDB: Alison Anders
This complete IMDB file provides biography, filmography, interviews and more.

Film Scouts: Allison Anders
Contains filmography, reviews, and interviews.

Anders and Voss Reunite for "Sugar Town"
IndieWIRE talks to Anders and collaborator John Voss about making "Sugar Town."

Things Behind the Sun (2001)
Allison Ander's new film premiers at Sundance 2001.

Grace of My Heart (1996)
So maybe this film came off a little like a TV movie, but I liked it none-the-less. Illeana Douglas stars as singer/songwriter Edna Buxton.

Mi vida loca (1993)
Washington Post review of Allison Anders "brilliant study of girl gangs in Los Angeles' Echo Park."

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