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Australian / NZ Actresses

Australian and New Zealand actresses, including Rena Owen, Anna Paquin, Nicole Kidman, and many more.
  1. Cate Blanchett (10)
  2. Keisha Castle-Hughes (3)
  3. Nicole Kidman (10)

Keisha Castle-Hughes
New Zealand teen Keisha Castle-Hughes has been nominated for an Acadamy Award for Best Actress for her debut performance in "Whale Rider."

Judy Davis
I fell in love with this actress long ago in Gillian Armstrong's "My Brilliant Career." She's one of Woody Allen's favorites as well.

Miranda Otto
Australian actress Miranda Otto has gained international recognition for her performance as Eowyn in the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy.

Anna Paquin
She won an Oscar for The Piano, and Wolverine's heart in X-Men. She currently stars in the hit series True Blood.

Naomi Watts
A profile of Australian actress Naomi Watts. After a breakout performance in "Mulhullond Drive," she has appeared in numerous acclaimed film and recently received an Oscar nomination for best actress for her performance in "21 Grams"

Anna Wilding
Official fan site of this up and coming actress from New Zealand.

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