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Movie Blogs

With the rise of blogging, movie buffs have taken up writing daily web logs about film. Here are the best blogs on movies from around the web.

GreenCine Daily
The online DVD rental service GreenCine posts cross-linked film news: one of the most consistently nourishing blogs on the web.

The House Next Door
NYPress critic Matt Zoller Seitz's site has quickly become one of the must-read film blogs.

The IFC Blog
Handsome round-ups of film news and film writing by Alison Willmore.

Roger Ebert's Journal
Roger Ebert is gone from At the Movies, but good news for us: he's become a blogger.

Karina Longworth and gang blog about "what is truly interesting in the film world."

Like Anna Karina's Sweater!

Lessons of Darkness
Home base of critic Nick Schager, rounding up his reviews from various outlets around the web.

Thanks for the Use of the Hall
General discussion of films, and specific recommendations of films playing in the New York City area.

Shooting Down Pictures
Kevin Lee blogs his way through the 1,000 greatest movies of all time. Don't miss his video essays!

About new films from the old continent.

Alternative Film Guide
"thinking film"

Armond Dangerous
Parsing the Confounding Film Criticism of Mr. Armond White

Bright Lights After Dark
The companion blog for Bright Lights Film Journal, a popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, commentary, and bitchery looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, erotic, and international film from a wide range of vantage points from the aesthetic to the political.

Chained to the Cinémathèque
The blog of Dave McDougall.

Chicago Reader: On Film
The movie blog of the Chicago Reader.

Cinebeats chronicles one woman's love affair with '60s & '70s era cinema. Or as she likes to call it, cinema's Platinum Age!

Karen blogs from New York's East Village. She's cued into what's going on in the city and links to articles and reviews.

Cinema Treasures
Cinema Treasures is "devoted to movie theater preservation and awareness." We think its quest to save the last remaining movie palaces across the country is a worthy one.

Cinematical's team of hyperactive bloggers will keep you up to date on all the film news you can handle.

Dave Kehr
New York Times critic Dave Kehr.

Day for Night
Brief reviews of many interesting films.

Film Experience Blog
Cinematic musings from Nathaniel R.

"filmjourney.org hopes to address a diverse assortment of films and give special attention to their historical, technical, and human values."

Is film school worth it? Is your version of Final Cut Pro up-to-date? Filmmaker.com is a community blog that will answer these and other pressing questions.

Fin de cinema
"Muses on contemporary and classic cinema, from Antonioni to Breillat."

Girish Shambu blogs about film.

GreenCine Guru
GreenCine's Official DVD Review Blog

Filmmaker Greg Allen writes about art and movies.

Guardian Unlimited Film
The film blog from the UK's Guardian

In the Company of Glenn
The online hangout of Premiere film critic Glenn Kenny.

indieWire Blogs
indieWire is home to a number of blogs about independent film.

Invisible Cinema
Living experimental film and video

kino blog
In German.

The film blog of Lawrence Levi, co-authoer of The Film Snob's Dictionary.

Lost in the Frame
K. Silem Mohammad's Film Notes

Masters of Cinema
A site devoted to news about the acknowledged big-gun directors, including retrospectives and worldwide DVD releases.

Milk Plus
An invitation-only communal blog focussing on reviews.

Movie City Indie
Ray Pride's film blog.

Jürgen Fauth's less formal blog tracks his far-ranging taste in film and music.

Observations on Film Art
The blog of Film Art authors Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell.

The blog of New York City's Pioneer Theater

The film blog of Jim Emerson.

The Auteurs Notebook
"With a tight group of opinionated columnists, reviewers and interviewers, The Auteurs delivers the best in film."

The Klaus Kinski Files
A blog entirely dedicated to the great German actor.

The Projectionist
The blog of New York Magazine critic David Edelstein.

The Reeler
"New York cinema, from the arthouse to the red carpet."

One of the best places on the web to stay up to date with Asian movies and DVD releases.

Vinyl Is Heavy
Ryland Walker Knight and friends say: "Open your eyes, your ears, your nostrils: the weight is over."

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