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Bollywood Music

Your source for the sounds and songs of Indian film. Come here to download music from Bollywood hit movies.

Bollywood Premiere Music
The huge music archive at Bollywood Premiere--Bhangra, Bengali, marriage songs, Qawwali, Tamil, and much more.

Top 10 Songs of the Week
See a listing of the current top Bollywood songs and listen to audio clips via RealMedia.

Audio at Bollyvista.com
Listen to the latest albums and movies.

Go Bollywood Music

ApunkaChoice Music
Buzz and new releases.

Bhangra Music
RealAudio and mp3s of this lively Punjab folk music.

Bollywood World's Favorite Hindi Songs
Streaming Hindi music.

Dhamaka MP3
Many ghazals, live video, and mp3 streams (shoutcast technology.)

India Stereo.com
Excellent music site with live radio stream.

India Station
Songs and music, including Real Video and Hindi Jukebox.

MP3 Babu
An mp3 search engine exclusively devoted to Indian and Pakistani mp3s.

Ravi Varanasi
Indian music web site with video and audio downloads.

Telugu Station
Your source for Telugu mp3s and RealVideo.

India Hits
Includes songs for latest movies.

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