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Yu Nan

Yu Nan at the Berlinale premiere of "Tuya's Marriage"

Getty Images

Yu Nan Biography:

Born in 1978 in China, Yu Nan graduated from the Beijing Film Academy's acting department. A regular actress in Want Quan An's films, she made her debut in his film Luna Eclipse. Her performance caught the attention of French film producers who cast her in Karin Dridi's Fureur.

Since then, Yu Nan has starred in The story of Ermel , her second collaboration with Wang Quan an, which won her the Best Actress award at the Paris Film Fesvial. They worked together in Tuya's Marriage which won the Golden Bear at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival. She next starred in Wang Xiaoshuai's In Love We Trust, winner of the 2008 Berlin Film Festival Festival screenplay award.

Yu Nan had a featured role in the Wachowski Brother's new film Speed Racer.

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