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No End In Sight

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No End In Sight

Ambassador Paul Bremer and General Jay Garner in "No End in Sight."

Magnolia Pictures
Pick up a newspaper and chances are you'll see a headline which contains a quotation from President George W. Bush employing the term progress to describe the war in Iraq. Bush's ratings, however, are at a record low; it seems clear that the American public is no longer buying the administration's empty attempts at spin. If you want take the leap from disbelief and confusion to a clearer, empowering understanding of how we arrived at our current predicament, then political scientist Charles Ferguson's documentary No End In Sight is highly recommended.
Interviewing a wide array of talking heads--including a number of current and former members of the military and American diplomats stationed in Iraq, Ferguson presents a meticulous non-partisan account of America's march to war and the poor decisions that followed.

Former U.S. ambassador Barbara Bodine, in charge of Baghdad during the early occupation, provides a staggering account of the lack of preparation and the government's unwillingness to heed her suggestions. Col. Paul Hughes gives a devastating three point analysis of the disastrous tenure of war czar Paul Bremer, an inexperienced yes man with no understanding of Arabic who remained cloistered in the Green Zone, a fortress far removed from the actual situation in the country.

A scene from "No End In Sight."

Magnolia Pictures
No End Sight is much like a cinematic edition of The Iraq War for Dummies. Ferguson's case is straightforward and lucid: the war has become an unwinnable quagmire fueled by errors that can be traced back to members of the Bush administration who failed to address the reality on the ground.

No End In Sight premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Special Jury Prize for Best Documentary.

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