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Slim Susie

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Slim Susie

The Bottom Line

Ulf Malmros "Slim Susie" is a Swedish film you rarely see: dark, stylish and consistently funny. No Scandinavian Dogme doom and gloom here.
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  • A Swedish comedy with a hip David Lynch feel
  • Bold visual style
  • Dark humor
  • Excellent soundtrack


  • None. Sex, drugs, and depraved Swedes are not a bad thing.


  • A cross between "Pulp Fiction," "Twin Peaks" and "Dude Where's My Car."
  • Starring: Tuva Novotny, Jonas Rimeika, Kjell Bergqvist, Björn Starrin, Malin Morgan, Lotta Tejle.
  • Directed by Ulf Malmros.
  • Studio: Home Vision Entertainment.
  • Release Date: July 19, 2005.
  • Runtime: 101 min.
  • Making-of documentary.
  • Deleted scenes.
  • Swedish with English subtitles.

Guide Review - Slim Susie

When beauty queen Susie (Tuva Novotny) disappears from her small town, her older brother returns from Stockholm (Jonas Rimeika) to discover the whereabouts of his sweet little sister--to discover she is not the girl he left behind.

No one in this town is normal: not the corrupt police officer or the mild mannered video clerk. And certainly not Grits, the heroin addict movie buff who befriends a despairing Susie in the supermarket. As in David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," everyone is a freak.

"Slim Susie" is a skillful mix of genres: teen comedy and hipster crime. Starting from the end and looping back to the beginning, Ulf Malmros's film keeps your attention with suprise after suprise.

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