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The Corporation DVD

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The Corporation DVD

The Bottom Line

The two-DVD set offers even more material than the 145-minute movie release. At home, you can turn "The Corporation" and its wealth of bonus materials into a spellbinding and essential miniseries.
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  • Hard-hitting documentary about the role of corporations in our lives
  • Offers an incredible amount of information


  • Long and exhaustive -- that's a pro and a con


  • USA, 2004. 145 minutes.
  • Two audio commentaries with co-directors Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott and writer Joel Bakan
  • Janeane Garofolo interviews Joel Bakan on Air America's Majority Report
  • "Q's and A's": A selection of television, radio and festival interview segments with the filmmakers
  • Theatrical trailers for The Corporation and Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
  • Selection of deleted scenes, including additional clips from Michael Moore's The Awful Truth
  • Grassroots marketing video segment
  • Over 5 hours of additional footage of The Corporation's 40 interviewees
  • Two-disc set

Guide Review - The Corporation DVD

Of the recent films that ask us to reevaluate our place in a hypercapitalist consumer society (Michael Moore's documentaries, "Control Room," "Super Size Me"), "The Corporation" is the most ambitious. A complete overview of the way businesses have changed our lives is probably more than any feature-length film can deliver, but directors Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott and writer Joel Bakan try nonetheless. From pollution, globalization, sweatshops, the punishment of whistleblowers, the destructive impact on the biosphere, the privatization of our most precious resources, branding and dishonest PR, the patenting of life forms, media consolidation, certain corporations' fascist past, exploitive marketing to children, and much much more, the film shows just how pervasive and damaging the consequences of corporatism have been.
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