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French Directors

All the masters of French film, including the forerunners in cinema such as Jean Cocteau and Jean Renoir, plus new wave filmmakers like Godard and Truffaut, and current stars Francois Ozon and Oliver Assayas.
  1. Alain Resnais (4)
  2. Catherine Breillat (6)
  3. Claire Denis (3)
  4. François Truffaut (5)
  5. Jean Renoir (4)
  6. Louis Malle (5)
  7. Luc Besson (5)
  8. Lucas Belvaux
  9. Lucas Belvaux (4)

Claude Chabrol
Excellent retrospective by Tony McKibbin for Images.

Jean Cocteau
One of the most diversely talented artists of the twentieth century.

Bruno Dumont
Humanité, an intellectually rigorous, powerful, philosophical film, won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes 1999.

Jean-Luc Godard
Essays, links, interviews, and of course a filmography. Find out what Derrida thinks of Godard.

Michele Laroque
Official flash-enhanced website of the director of Ma Vie En Rose, in English and French.

Patrice Leconte
For a filmography and bio about the director of Girl on the Bridge, Ridiule, and Monsier Hire. In French.

Francois Ozon
With the back to back release "Criminal Lovers" and "Water Drops on Burning Rocks," American film lovers are taking notice of young French direector.

Pierre Schoendoerffer
Best known for his film Le Crab Tambour (1977), this story of a French naval officer won the 1978 Cesar.

Jacques Tati
Biography and filmography of the sublime French comedian and director. In French.

Francois Truffaut
Biography of the New Wave director.

Jean Vigo
An in-depth site to the great French director famous for A Propos de Nice, Taris, and L'Atalante.

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