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Fritz Lang

Resources, articles, biographies, and full-blown academic essays about the legendary director of Metropolis and M.

"The Big Heat"
Bright Lights film journal about Lang's 1953 film. By Jans Wagner.

Cyberroach: "M."
About the film, including "The Making of...," historical background, and critical reception.

From the British Film Institute.

Fritz Lang at the IMDb
The trusty IMDb is always the first stop when researching anybody.

Fritz Lang Bibliography
Download a Lang bibliography as PDF file from the British Film Institute.

Fritz Lang Bio
If you're in a hurry, get short biographical information here.

Fritz Lang in "Gravity's Rainbow"
Thomas Pynchon's "Gravity's Rainbow" is full of allusions to German film. This page, part of the HyperArts Pynchon site, has info about the Lang references in the novel.

Fritz Lang
Warren Buckland's entry from the "Encyclopedia of European Cinema"

Interview, National Film Institute
Download soundclips of this 1962 interview.

Review by Gary Morris.

"M." at Bright Lights
The excellent Bright Lights film journal about the M. DVD release.

Master of Light and Shadow
Filmography, bio, and bibliography on Lang. A nicely designed site.

Metropolis and Fritz Lang
Info from the German-Hollywood collection.

Metropolis Walkthrough
HTML makes it possible: walk through the giant city that never was.

"Der muede Tod"
Page devoted to "Der muede Tod." In German.

"Die Nibelungen"
About Lang's 1924 film. Plenty of pictures!

The Dominion of Crime
Article about Fritz Lang's America from Kabinet magazine.

The Films of Fritz Lang
Michael Grost offers this single page about Lang -- but what a page it is! Thorough analysis of about a dozen of Lang's films.

The Illusion of Mastery
Thomas Elsaesser's thorough article makes the case the "for the Dr Mabuse trilogy as a radical critique of surveillance culture."

The Nature of the Beast
Read the first chapter of Patrick McGilligan's biography online at the Washington Post.

The Permanent Magic of Fritz Lang
Overview of Lang's career by BFI Film Classics editor Rob White.

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