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Gay & Lesbian Directors

For interviews, bios, and complete filmographies of your favorite gay and lesbian directors, including the irrepressible Pedro Almodovar, and one of my favorite filmmakers, Patricia Rozema.
  1. Pedro Almodóvar
  2. Pedro Almodóvar
  3. Von Praunheim (5)

Sadie Benning
This experimental filmmaker has been a cause celebre in the queer community for almost a decade.

Jamie Babbit
Natasha Lyonne gets sent to "homosexual rehab" camp in Jamie Babbit's directorial debut.

Sally Potter
indieWIRE's in-depth interview with the British director of The Tango Lesson and Orlando

Rose Troche
Director of the delightful Go Fish and new release Hallways and Bedrooms.

The Kuchar Brothers
George and Mike Kuchar are the acknowledged pioneers of the camp/pop aesthetic the camp/pop aesthetic.

Rose Troche
Director of the delightful Go Fish, "Hallways and Bedrooms" and "The Safety of Objects."

Luther Price
Read about this director who is reviled alleged homophobic excesses of "Sodom."

Warrent Sonbert
The work this avant-garde master have been restored.

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