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Das Boot (The Original Uncut Version) DVD

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Das Boot Uncut DVD

The Bottom Line

The definitive edition of Wolfgang Petersen's seminal submarine adventure.
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  • The greatest submarine movie ever made
  • Complete, uncut version: almost 5 hours of underwater mayhem


  • You're getting a mini-series, not a movie


  • Wolfgang Petersen, Germany, 1985. 293 minutes.
  • Two-DVD set includes "The Making of 'Das Boot'" featurette.
  • German and dubbed English audio tracks.

Guide Review - Das Boot (The Original Uncut Version) DVD

Based on the autobiographical novel by Lothar-Gunter Buchheim, "Das Boot" follows the Atlantic voyage of U-96 during World War II. Wolfang Petersen ("In The Line of Fire," "Troy") makes the horror of being locked up in a metal tube while enemy destroyers drop depth charges thrillingly realistic. The film was originally released in a short theatrical version and as mini-series on German TV. There have been several "director's cut" versions, but only this latest DVD edition restores "Das Boot" to its original mini-series length of 293 minutes--close to five hours.
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