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Top 10 Hong Kong Action Flicks


Since "The Matrix" introduced Western audiences to wire-fu, it seems we can't get enough of the flying, leaping, gravity-defying antics of the Hong Kong action heroes.

1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The genre-busting milestone that combines the action with a poetic heart and stunningly beautiful cinematography. A must-own.

2. Hard Boiled

Fans of superstar Chow Yun-Fat and legendary HK director John Woo like to compare the team to Mifune/Kurosawa, and "Hard Boiled" is their best work.
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3. Legend of Drunken Master

Jackie Chan returns to the role of Wong Fei Hung in this madcap adventure. The fights are jaw-dropping, and Chan's slapstick comedy works better than in most of his films.
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4. Once Upon a Time in China I

Jet Li, baby. Another film about folk hero Wong Fei Hung, fending off pesky foreigners and treacherous Chinese. Director Tsui Hark delivers the non-stop kickin' goods.

5. Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain

If you liked the flying monks in "Crouching Tiger," "Zu" will make you giggle with happiness -- this special-effects freak-out is demented, goofy, and sacks of demonic fun.
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6. Bullet in the Head

For a tougher, bloodier angle, go with Woo's acclaimed 1990 drama about friendship, love, and betrayal set in Vietnam.
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7. Supercop

How can you go wrong with Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, and Maggie Cheung in an international action adventure? You can't.
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8. New Legend of Shaolin

Excellent kung-fu and a bizarre sense of humor make this Jet Li vehicle a whacky HK favorite.
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9. The Killer

John Woo's early masterpiece. The gloriously choreographed violence and overdrawn characters make this a keeper. The shoot-up in the church is a timeless classic.
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10. Once Upon A Time in China II

While it's not quite as strong as the first film, the second entry in the series is still a historical kung-fu bonanza that'll keep you grinning all the way through.
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