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American / Independent Directors

The best directors in independent film, from cult favorites to the great masters working outside the studio system: John Waters, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Altman Jim Jarmusch, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, and Alison Anders.
  1. Alison Anders (6)
  2. Alison Maclean (7)
  3. Christopher Nolan (4)
  4. Darren Aronofsky (5)
  5. David Cronenberg (5)
  6. David Lynch (53)
  7. David Mamet (5)
  8. David O Russell (5)
  9. Hal Hartley (11)
  10. Harmony Korine (7)
  11. Harron Mary (8)
  12. Jim Jarmusch (14)
  13. John Waters (6)
  14. Kevin Smith (7)
  15. Martin Scorsese (20)
  16. Michael Moore (9)
  17. Nancy Savoca (5)
  18. PT Anderson (6)
  19. Quentin Tarantino (23)
  20. Richard Linklater (7)
  21. Robert Altman (5)
  22. Sofia Coppola (10)
  23. Spike Lee (24)
  24. Steven Soderbergh (16)
  25. The Coen Brothers (15)
  26. Todd Haynes (5)
  27. Todd Solondz (6)
  28. Tom DiCillo (5)
  29. Wes Anderson (4)
  30. Whit Stillman (2)
  31. Woody Allen (18)

Richard Linklater
Texas filmmaker Richard Linklater has provided the indie film world with some its greatest classics: "Slacker," "Before Sunrise," "Before Sunset," and "Waking Life."

Alexander Payne
Modern master of the farce. He has directed "Citizen Ruth" and "Election."

Robert Rodriguez
Screenplays, interviews, and multimedia clips from the director of El Mariachi.

John Singleton
A critical look of the director ("Boys-N-The Hood," "Rosewood") and his films.

Susan Skoog
Find out about this new director. Her first feature film "Whatever" got the critics' attention.

Todd Verow
This DV filmmaker("Frisk")with a cult following in the video world.

Roger Avary
The domain of the cult director of "Killing Zoe" and "Stitches."

Eva Ilona Brzeski
Featured as one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of 1999," Eva Ilona Brzeski is the Producer/Director/Editor of "24 Girls" and "This Unfamiliar Place."

Sam Fuller
The home page of the internationally known filmmaker ("The Big Red One," "Shock Corridor").

Errol Morris
The official site of one of the contemporary masters in the art of documentary.

Greg Pak
Writer and director Greg Pak has been raking in awards with prize-winning shorts such as "Fighting Grandpa" and "The Penny Marshall Project."

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