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Another Gay Movie

I wish I knew how to quit ... laughing

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Another Gay Movie

Jonathan Chase, Mitch Morris, Michael Carbonaro, and Jonah Blechman in Another Gay Movie

Crude, lewd, and pretty freakin' funny: Another Gay Movie is an unrated and unrelentingly queer take on Porky's and all the other teenage sex comedies you've ever snuck into. Disheartened by the lukewarm reception of his previous feature Gypsy 83, director Todd Stephens (Edge of Seventeen) made a Scary Movie spoof that nobody would ever call "not gay enough." Gay icon Nancy Sinatra sings the theme song ("Another Gay Sunshine Day"), and the script includes the frequent abuse of vegetables, power tools, pet gerbils, and—of course—a quiche.
The setup is as familiar as American Pie: Four graduates of San Torum High School make a pact to lose their anal virginity by the end of the summer. Andy (Michael Carbonaro), jock Jarod (Jonathan Chase), romantic Griff (Mitch Morris) and alternative kid Nico (Jonah Blechman) set out on a series of sexual misadventures, including BDSM web-cam horror shows, enema gross-outs, Carrie parodies and merciless send-ups of various facets of gay culture. My favorites invovle the Bad News Bears softball team and an impromptu gay pride parade. Watch out for Muffler (Ashlie Atkinson), the mulleted lesbian and cheerleader magnet with a heart of gold.
Since Another Gay Movie is opening without an MPAA rating, Stephens doesn't have to make any compromises, and the result is fearless comedy in which shlongs and butts of all sizes, shapes, and states of excitement are on voluminous display—but in the end, the most radical joke in Another Gay Movie is how it rides roughshod over the common clichés of gay cinema: even tortured Jack and Ennis would get a laugh out of Another Gay Movie. Certain in-jokes might not fly with a straight audience, but everybody will be able to recognize the teenager's desperate desire and sweet romantic relief.
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