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Hollywood Dreams

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Hollywood Dreams

Tanna Frederick and Justin Kirk in a scene from "Hollywood Dreams."

The Rainbow Film Company
Be advised. Independent filmmaker Henry Jaglom's Hollywood Dreams is tough stuff to sit through. This take on the classic story of an ingenue trying to make her way in the City of Angels is no pleasure -- not when the ingenue is Margie Chizek (Tanna Frederick.) Oh man, this manic, not particularly attractive redhead is a compulsive liar with a grating voice. The point of the film may very well be to root for the cunning Margie, but I certainly couldn't rouse myself to do so.
Also painful: Margie's complicated romance with the probably gay, more successful actor Robin (Justin Kirk). Unlike the unfortunate Frederick, Kirk is a highly appealing performer. He's given star-making performances in made-for-cable productions of Angels in America and Weeds, but after Flannel Pajamas and Puccini for Beginners), Hollywood Dreams is his third straight appearance in an overly sensitive indie.
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