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Margo Stilley

Margo Stilley

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images


Stilley mades her film debut in 9 Songs.

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For more of Margo Stilley, see our 9 Songs Photo Gallery.


Model and college student Margo Stilley made her film debut in Michael Winterbottom's controversial 9 Songs.

Raised in the Bible-belt town of Hubert, North Carolina, the young actress is proud of her work in the sexually explicit film. Stilley explains: "I wanted to be part of a film, a beautiful film, about something that should be viewed in a beautiful light. This is a nice thing, it's fun, everyone does it, it's great and when it's safe - and we're promoting safe sex - and when it's someone you're in love with, it's great."

Stilley has continued to act in independent films. She can be seen in the English horror film Reverb (2007). Recent projects also include How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008) and Hippie Hippie Shake (2008).

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