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David Lynch's extraordinary new film INLAND EMPIRE, starring Laura Dern, has already sparked some of the most interesting writing on film in 2006. We'll use this page to keep up with the reviews, commentary, and theories that will doubtless keep on growing around the movie.

Inland Empire DVD
Jurgen on the INLAND EMPIRE DVD.

An Interview With David Lynch
Nathan Lee chats with Lynch about digital video, putrefied experiences, and tapioca.

A Woman in Trouble is Rescued and Loved
Hitchdan at Bright Lights After Dark: "This is an actresses' triumph and a director reaching slightly past an already achieved pinnacle; it is not to be missed."

An Interview with David Lynch | Reverse Shot
Michael Joshua Rowin at Reverse Shot interviews David Lynch.

Andrew O'Hehir's Interview with David Lynch
David Lynch talks to Salon.com about his latest film, INLAND EMPIRE. You might have to watch an ad to see the full text.

Booksigning at Union Square in New York
David Lynch talks about "Catching the Big Fish" at a booksinging in New York.

Another attempt at "solving" INLAND EMPIRE.

David Lynch: Catching the Big Fish
Brief advance look at Lynch's upcoming book Catching the Big Fish, in which he discusses Transcendental Meditation, creativity, and all of his movies--including INLAND EMPIRE.

Edward Champion: The Bat Segundo Show
A half-hour audio interview with David Lynch about, among other things, the relationship between filmmaking and TM, inner happiness, Knut Hamsun, Einstein's s Theory of Everything, Dostoevsky's 1866 publishing deal, on coming up with ideas, Frank Silva's unexpected casting as Bob in Twin Peaks, and whether Lynch understands his own films.

GreenCine Daily: Inland Empire
At GreenCine Daily, David Hudson collects and annotates even more links on INLAND EMPIRE.

Inland Empire at Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes collects reviews of INLAND EMPIRE around the web, raning from "interminable bore" to "extraordinary, savagely uncompromised."

Page for INLAND EMPIRE at the Lincoln Center's New York Film Festival, where the film had its US premiere.

Inland Empire at Wikipedia
The page for INLAND EMPIRE at the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

The Reeler reports that INLAND EMPIRE is breaking records at New York's IFC Center during its exclusive engagement.

David Lynch's official site for the self-distributed film, with poster, theatrical schedule, trailers and still photographs.

Jim Emerson
Jim Emerson on RogerEbert.com: "This David Lynch, he put his digital virus in me."

Jurgen's Review of INLAND EMPIRE
Jurgen Fauth's review of INLAND EMPIRE

Jurgen's Second Take
Jurgen takes another look at INLAND EMPIRE.

Jürgen's Third Take
Jurgen Fauth takes yet another look at Inland Empire, this time with special focus on the similarities between the experience of watching the film and the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

"Harry Dean Stanton = Ralph Macchio." A simple guide to understanding the movie: it's easy!

Lynch Q&A at the Brattle
Bradley's Almanac has audio from the Q&A session with David Lynch at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge.

Manohla Dargis' Review
New York Times critic Manohla Dargis' great review of INALND EMPIRE.

Nate & Matt meet David Lynch (and a cow)
YouTube video of two guys meeting David Lynch and a cow during his surreal For-Your-Consideration campaign for Laura Dern.

Dave McDougall at Chained to the Cinémathèque posts a series of selections from a work-in-progress about the film.

YouTube has a scene from David Lynch's 2002 short film Rabbits, parts of which were repurposed for INLAND EMPIRE.

Slant Magazine: Inland Empire
Ed Gonzalez: "Inland Empire is totally fucked up."

Strange What Love Does: David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE
Keith Uhlich writes about INLAND EMPIRE at The House Nextx Door.

The Daily Californian
Ryland Walker Knight: "Enter the maze if you dare: You won%u2019t come out the same, but you will re-emerge."

The Seattle Times: Interview with David Lynch
Mark Rahner interviews David Lynch for the Seattle Times: "What's missing? - Dancing dwarf. - No."

Thoughts on Stuff: The Second Viewing
Patrick at Thoughts on Stuff tries to solve the riddles of INLAND EMPIRE.

Vinyl Is Heavy: The Lynch Mob
Another excellent list of links to Lynch- and <i>Inland Empire</i>-related articles around the web.

Waggish: Hypotheses and Spoilers
Mrs. Waggish offers an interpretation of the film's plot.

Wired News: David Lynch Interviews -- Uncut
Scott Thill from Wired News interviews David Lynch about DV, DavidLynch.com, his own brand of coffee, and Inland Empire.

A new study attempts to unlock the secrets of David Lynch's most baffling movie
Michael Lidstone’s study “Old World Politics, New World Prophecy: Understanding David Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE” tries to unlock some of the puzzles at the heart of the movie.

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