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Italian Directors

Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antoninio, Sergio Leone ...
  1. Federico Fellini
  2. Federico Fellini (10)
  3. Michelangelo Antonioni (4)

Michelangelo Antonioni
Essays, reviews, and a filmography about the Italian director whose films have the power to make you rethink your existence.

Asia Argento
A profile of Italian actress Asia Argento, daughter of legendary horror director Dario Argento and star of "Scarlett Diva" and "XXX."

Bernardo Bertolucci
Vassar university has an excellent site devoted to the Berardo Betolucci, including a biography, discussion and criticism of his films, and more.

Vittorio De Sica
Director of The Bicyle Thief, Umberto D. Yesteryay, Today and Tomorrow and others.

Sergio Leone
Everything you ever wanted to know about the master of the spaghetti western.

Ermmano Olmi
The Criterion Collection releases two films by Italian director Ermmano Olmi on DVD. While "I Fidenzati" turns out to be a disappointment, "Il Posto" is a sweet and heartbreaking tale of love and work.

Pier Paolo Pasolini
Official hole page, with filmography, summaries and a detailed bio of this great Italian director.

Giuseppe Piccioni
IMBD's page about this great Italian director.

Massimo Troisi
The late actor and director is most famous in the States for Il Postino. This talented man wrote directed, and starred in five other Italian films.

Lucino Visconti
Classic Italian films directed by Lucino Visconti included La Terra Treme, Senso, Sandra and Ossessione.

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