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Javier Bardem

The aftermath of Javier Bardem's stunning performance in "Before Night Falls"? Nominations. Comparisons to Antonio Banderas. A new film with John Malkovich. Links to articles about Javier Bardem.

Before Night Falls
Official site of this great film about Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas. Directed by Julain Schnabel.

The Dancer Upstairs
Javier Bardem stars as police detective Agustin Rejas in John Malkovich's directorial debut "The Dancer Upstairs."

Javier Bardem: the Next Antonio Banderas?
Mr. Showbiz profiles Spain's macho star Javier Bardem after the premiere of "Before Night Falls."

Javier Barden Filmography
Americans are discovering Bardem with Before Night Falls, but this beef cake actor has been a Spanish heartthrob for years and years. Get the complete filmography.

Review: Before Night Falls
"Dizzyingly gorgeous," says Stephen Holden of the New York Times.

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