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Ang Lee

Ang Lee is considered one of the best directors working in film today. He has received enormous acclaim for such diverse films as the action adventureCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the gay cowboy love story Brokeback Mountain and the gorgeous, NC-17 thriller Lust, Caution.
  1. Crouching Tiger Resources

Lust, Caution
Ang Lee's erotic espionage thriller Lust, Caution tells the story of a young woman (Tang Wei) in Japanese occupied Shanghai during world war two who must lure a war collaborator (Tony Leung) to his assignation.

Brokeback Mountain
Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain is an epic love story about gay cowboys and that, in itself, is something. Otherwise, the film, adapted from an Annie Proulx short story, is not one to get particularly excited over. Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Williams star.

IMDb's comprehensive entry about the Ang Lee.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
The highest grossing foreign film ever. My gushing rave of Ang Lee's mesmerizing, award winning spectacle.

Salon: The Ice Storm
Ang Lee talks to Salon about American innocence, bad fathers, and the perilous task of bring the 1970s to the screen.

Film Scouts: Ang Lee
Offering quicktime interviews, film reviews, and partial biography.

The BBC Interview
Lee talks with the BBC about making "Crouching Tiger."

Can Hollywood See the Tiger
Salman Rushdie takes on the system that attempts to denigrate "Crouching Tiger." You go Salman!

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