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Jordan Hoffman Biography


Jordan Hoffman Biography
Ann Farell
Experience Jordan Hoffman was the head film critic/writer for Hearst Interactive Media's UGO.com for over four years. During that time he sat on film festival juries, hosted multiple movie premieres and moderated panels with A-list talent from San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H (6500 seats!) to the Apple Store in Lower Manhattan (something like 65 seats.) Prior to his stint with UGO, Jordan produced and co-directed the acclaimed festival film Body/Antibody and produced, co-wrote and co-starred the beloved zero-budget cult film Ultrachrist! Jordan is a member of the New York Film Critics Online and, in 2005, was named the Ultimate Film Fanatic of the NorthEast by IFC.

Education Jordan has a BFA in Film and Television Production from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. While many of Jordan's old comrades are doing astronomically well, making entertainment consumed by a mass global audience, there are double that amount that walked away with their diploma never to be heard from again. It's the second part of that equation that consoles Jordan as he continues to pound the pavement.

From Jordan I can't remember a time when I wasn't enthusiastic about movies. While I revel in big summer tentpoles and the classics of Hollywood's past, most of the time the films that inspire current discussion and stick to the ribs are ones that come from unexpected sources. World cinema offers a direct connection with other cultures that has not existed for most of recorded history, and films made independently or on the fringes of the studio system are consistently at the vanguard of storytelling trends. I watch everything, but it's usually the "foreigns and indies" that occupy most of my thoughts.

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