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Michelle Williams

Fans first discovered Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creeks. But with break-out performances on Broadway and films such as I'm Not There, Me Without You and Brokeback Mountain, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award, Williams has earned critical respect for her acting chops.

Land of Plenty
Michelle William's warm, emphathic presence made Wim Wenders' new 9/11 film "Land of Plenty" into a truly watchable film.

Me Without You
Michelle Williams steals this film with her heartbreaking portrayal of bookish, insecure Holly in this British drama about an unhealthy friendship with Anna Friel.

The Baxter
Comedian Michael Showalter of "The State" and "Stella" turns in a perfectly average romantic comedy about the kind of guy who gets left at the altar in all the other movies. With Michelle Williams, Justin Theroux, and Elizabeth Banks.

IMDb's detailed entry on the rising star from Kansas.

Dawson's Creek
The official site of the WB show.

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