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Sundance Film Festival: The Awards

Padre Nuestro and Manda Bala win top prizes


Sundance Film Festival: The Awards

Dakota Fanning in "Hounddog," a much talked about entry that won no prizes

Updated January 28, 2007
The indie fest has come to a close. Festival coverage centered on slick films featuring all the big name celebs: Vera Farmiga, Dakota Fanning, Steve Buscemi, Sam Rockwell, Keri Russell, Parker Posey, etc. The big prize winners, however, went to two independent films that had not generated much buzz until the awards were divided up.

The Sundance Juries awarded the two top prizes to two Latin American films. Christopher Zalla's first feature Padre Nuestro, the story of an illegal immigrant from Mexico looking for his father in New York City, took the Dramatic Grand Jury Prize. Jason Kohn's Manda Bala (Send A Bullet), a searing investigation of crime and corruption in Brazil, won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize.

The World Cinema drama prize went to Israeli movie Sweet Mud, about a boy dealing with his mentally ill mother on a kibbutz in the 1970s. Denmark's Enemies of Happiness, which profiles an Afghani woman politician, earned the World Cinema jury prize for best documentary.

The Audience Award for best film drama went to Grace is Gone, starring John Cusack as a grieving father who deals with the death of wife in the Iraq war. Screenwriter James C. Strouse also won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for the film. Irene Taylor Brodsky's personal story of her deaf parents Hear and Now won the audience award for Best Documentary.

The complete winners

* Grand Jury Prize: Documentary: Jason Kohn's Manda Bala (Send a Bullet).

* Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic: Christopher Zalla's Padre Nuestro.

* World Cinema Jury Prize: Documentary: Eva Mulvad and Anja Al Erhayem's Vores Lykkes Fjender (Enemies of Happiness).

* World Cinema Jury Prize: Dramatic: Dror Shaul's Adama Meshugaat (Sweet Mud).

* Audience Award: Documentary: Irene Taylor Brodsky's Hear and Now.

* Audience Award: Dramatic: James C Strouse's Grace is Gone. GCD.

* World Cinema Audience Award: Documentary: David Sington's In the Shadow of the Moon.

* World Cinema Audience Award: Dramatic: John Carney's Once.

* Directing Award: Documentary: Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine for War/Dance.

* Directing Award: Dramatic: Jeffrey Blitz for Rocket Science.

* Excellence in Cinematography Award: Documentary: Heloísa Passos for Manda Bala (Send a Bullet).

* Excellence in Cinematography Award: Dramatic: Benoît Debie for Joshua.

* Documentary Editing Award: Hibah Sherif Frisina, Charlton McMillan, Michael Schweitzer for Nanking. * Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: James C Strouse for Grace is Gone.

* Documentary Jury: Special Jury Prize: Charles Furguson's No End in Sight. * Special Jury Prizes for Acting:

- Jess Weixler in Teeth.
- Tamara Podemski in Four Sheets to the Wind.

* Special Jury Prize for Singularity of Vision: Chris Smith for The Pool.

* World Cinema Competition Jury: Special Jury Prize: Shimon Dotan's Hot House.

* World Cinema Dramatic Competition Jury: Special Jury Prize: Gela Babluani and Temur Babluani's L'Heritahe (The Legacy).

* Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking: Don Hertzfeldt's Everything Will Be OK.

* Jury Prize in International Short Filmmaking: Radu Jude's The Tube With a Hat.

* Shorts Jury Honorable Mentions in Short Filmmaking:

- Ray Tintori's Death to the Tinman.

- Mariam Jobrani's The Fighting Cholitas.

- Marjan Alizadeh's Mardha Hamdigar Ra Behtar Mifahmand (Men Understand Each Other Better).

- Joerg Wagner's Motodrom.

- William Lorton's Spitfire 944.

- Tom Brown and Daniel Gray's t.o.m..

* Shorts Jury: Special Jury Prize: Cynthia Wade's Freeheld.

* Alfred P Sloan Prize: Chen Shi-Zhen's Dark Matter.

* Sundance/NHK International Filmmakers Award:

- Lucia Cedron for Agnus Dei.

- Caran Hartsfield for Bury Me Standing.

- Tomoko Kana for Two By The River.

- Dagur Kári for The Good Heart.

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