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Spanish / Latino Actresses

Profiles of the actresses from Spain/Latino countries. Including such talented beauties as Penelope Cruz, Paz Vega, Salma Hayak, and Maribel Verdu.
  1. Penelope Cruz

Spanish Actress Photo Gallery
Spanish Actresses: a photo gallery of Latina leading ladies. Including luminous stars of cinema Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayak, Leonar Wattling, Alice Braga and many more.

Alice Braga
A profile of Brazilian actress Alice Braga. Alice Braga has starred in "City Of God" and "Lower City." Her career should soon take off with roles in "I am Legend" and "Crossing Over."

Carmen Maura
She became a star thanks to Almodóvar's films. Here you have a biography, an interview, films, news, and a photo gallery. Only in Spanish.

Catalina Sandino Moreno
A profile of Catalina Sandino Moreno, a talented young actress who made her award winning film debut in the title role of Joshua Marston's "Maria Full of Grace.

Lumi Cavazos
Lumi Cavazos rose to international fame with roles in "Like Water for Chocolate" and "Bottle Rocket."

Maribel Verdu
Filmography and biography of the actress who starred in the wildly popular Mexican film "Y Tu Mamá También."

Mia Maestro
Argentinian actress Mia Maestro stars as Chichina Ferreyra opposite Gael Garcia Bernal in "The Walter Salles "The Motorcycle Diaries." A profile of the talented actress.

Natalia Verbeke
Natalia Verbeke stars opposite Gael Garcia Bernal in the hit thriller "Dot The I." A profile of the actress from Argentina.

Paz Vega
Sexy Spanish actress Paz Vega has starred in numerous films, including "The Other Side of the Bed," "Talk To Her," and the title role in "Sex and Lucia."

Salma Hayak
This Mexican beauty has legions of fans, and the fan sites follow...

Sonia Braga
Filmography and biography of the great Brazilian actress.

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