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Natalia Verbeke


Natalia Verbeke in a scene from

Natalia Verbeke in a scene from "Dot The I."

Birth date:

February 23, 1975

Place of Birth:

Buenos Aires, Argentina.


She had the highest PGA of Spain in highschool, but decided that she want to be an actress since she had her academic career quite secure.


Natalia Verbeke who has already made a name for herself in Spain was actually born in Argentina. She first came to attention in "Jump Tomorrow." Verbeke has ssubsequently starred as Naty in the Oscar-nominated film, Juan José Campanella's "El Hijo de la Novia." This Argentinian film has been the highest grossest film of all time in its home territory. Other credits include "Los Apasionados," "Kasbah," and "Nadie conoce a nadie."
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