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Alice Braga

Alice Braga

Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Background :

Alice Braga was born on April 15, 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil. She is the niece of legendary actress Sônia Braga.

Break Out Roles:

Alice Braga's first big break came when she was cast as Angelica in the critically acclaimed City of God. She received a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. In 2007 her first U.S. blockbuster, I Am Legend Movie, was released.

Alice Braga's Career:

Alice Braga, niece of legendary Sônia Braga, is a Brazilian actress. She got her start in as Angélica in Fernando Meirelles highly acclaimed City of God. She next starred in Sérgio Machado's debut film Lower City. She won the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize for Best Actress for her performance.

Alice Braga's started to take off in 2007. She stars opposite Will Smith in I am Legend. She has a supporting role in Wayne Kramer's Crossing Over, starring Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, and Ashley Judd. She can also be seen in David Mamet's Redbelt and reteaming with Fernando Meirelles for Blindness.

Alice Braga has recently been cast in Repossession Mambo, joining Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in the futuristic thriller.

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