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Top 7 DVD Releases for the week of April 28, 2003


This week: cinematic explorations of religious and racial hatred, grooving Motown goodness, and Speed Racer.

1. Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday DVD
Peter Greengrass's reenactment of the Irish Trouble's worst day is a masterpiece of rare immediacy and power. One of the best films of 2002.

2. The Crime of Padre Amaro

The Crime of Padre Amaro
A runaway hit in Mexico, the Crimes of Father Amaro tells athe juicy story of handsome young priest (Gael Garcia Bernal of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" fame) who falls for beautiful girl. The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film.
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3. Standing in the Shadows of Motown

Everybody knows their songs, but few people ever heard of the Funk Brothers--the hard-grooving studio musicians behind the Motown Sound. This documentary celebrates their music.
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4. Merci Pour le Chocolat

Isabelle Huppert serves up a deadly nightcap in oh-so French continental thriller. The DVD features an introduction by director Claude Chabrol, bios, a still gallery, and trailers.
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5. The Believer

Ryan Gosling gives a chilling performance as a self hating Jews whose only mission in life is to kill other Jews in Henry Bean's disturbing drama. Summer Phoenix plays his near equally disturbed girlfriend.
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6. Real Women Have Curves

Directed by Patricia Cardoso, this acclaimed drama of generation gap, culture clash, self-image, and the Latin community won the Audience Award for Drama and a Special Jury Prize for its ensemble cast at Sundance.
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7. Speed Racer

The first eleven episodes of the cult animated series. Go Speed Racer!
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