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Top 10 French Film Essentials

In diversity and accomplishment, the output of French filmmakers rivals that of any country. Here is a list of ten landmark French films that should not be missed by any serious film fan.

World/Independent Film Spotlight10


A review of Richard Linklater's exceptional film BOYHOOD

Magic in the Moonlight

Emma Stone and Colin Firth star in Woody Allen's Magic in the Moonlight.

An Interview with Sénégalese Filmmaker Fatoumata Kandé Senghor

An interview with Senegalese artist and filmmaker Fatoumata Kandé Senghor.

They Came Together

Eric Snider reviews the Amy Poehler/Paul Rudd spoof, "one of the funniest movies of the year!"

A Most Wanted Man

A review of Anton Corbijn's John le Caree adaptation, starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.


Bong Joon-ho's adaptation of the French graphic novel is sci-fi for a large audience, mistakenly confined to a narrow one. Seek it out!

The Best Films of 2014.... So Far

2014 is half over! The perfect time for a look back at our favorite movies of the year.... so far!

Obvious Child

SNL's Jenny Slate and director Gillian Robespierre handle the hot-button topic abortion with humor and authentic emotion. Eric D. Snider reviews.

We Are the Best!

Girl, boy, Swedish, or other: whatever you are, We Are the Best! is liable to put a smile on your face. Eric D. Snider reviews the "relentlessly upbeat" comedy from Lukas Moodyson.


Alex van Warmerdam's baffling "Borgman", reviewed by Eric D. Snider.

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