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DVD Review
Belle de Jour
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Catherine Deneuve delivers a haunting performance
•  Surrealism doesn't get much sexier than this
Cons  •  Director Louis Bunuel said he didn't understand the ending himself
The Bottom Line - An oddly fascinating movie that lures you in with Catherine Deneuve's seductive charms until surrealist master Bunuel can sink his claws into you.

Product Description
•  Louis Bunuel's first big-budget color film starring Catherine Deneuve
•  Insightful commentary by a Bunuel scholar
•  Sexy surrealist satire
Guide Review
Catherine Deneuve is No Andalusian Dog
"Belle de Jour" is a film full of surprises. Despite its tabloid plot (doctor's wife turns prostitute!), it is not an easy film to get your head around, and every new viewing opens up new questions. I found myself rewatching this film at strange times, with even stranger results: the beautiful and cold Deneuve, sly jokes on the bourgoisie, quotes from "A Bout de Souffle." Bunuel's patented dream sequences that interweave with reality so subtly that by the end, you can't be sure what was real and what wasn't. -- you'll just have to watch it again.
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