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Short Review
Berlin Babylon

The Brandenburg Gate surrounded by a forest of cranes
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Fascinating footage of buildings going up and coming down
•  Soundtrack by Einstürzende Neubauten
•  Underwater cement pouring!
Cons  •  Does not offer much background
•  Long, wordless scenes of construction crews doing their job aren't everybody's mug of beer
•  A city laid to waste and footage of prime downtown real estate opening up through mass destruction hit home a bit too close for New Yorkers right now
The Bottom Line - An interesting subject, if you care about cities, history, and the unique situation of Berlin.
Film Description
•  Documentary about the development of Berlin since the opening of the Wall
•  Should run in a double feature with "Berlin, Symphony of a City"
•  Now showing at the Film Forum in New York
Guide Review
The Beauty of the Power Drill
Director Hubertus Siegert does a great job showing the nuts and bolts (literally) that make a city -- but an American audience would certainly have appreciated more background into the history and importance of the places and buildings shown in the film.
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