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Guide Picks - Top Indie Film Soundtracks
No independent film can be truly hip and achieve cult status without a happening soundtrack. Where would Jim Jarmusch be without Screaming Jay Hawkins and John Lurie? With this list of top ten indie soundtracks, you, too, can be too cool for school. The ultimate mix is waiting for you.
1) Rushmore
This soundtrack has it all: Cat Stevens, Django Reinhardt, and Mick Jagger. An eclectic mix and it works.
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2) Stranger Than Paradise
John Lurie does the score. Screaming Jay Hawkins sings the songs. You can't go wrong.
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3) Ghost World
Steve Buscemi searched far and wide for the perfect blues albums in "Ghost World." It seems like cheating to buy the CD, but go ahead. That's what soundtracks are for.
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4) Hedwig and the Angry Inch
This music rocks and tells a story, too. I walked out the theater thinking, I need to own this music. John Cameron Mitchell sings Stephen Trask's songs, successfully adapted from the Off-Broadway show.
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5) The Anniversary Party
I got this soundtrack for free at a press roundtable, and love it, love it. Michael Penn's score is beautiful, Marlene Dietrich's song hilarious, and the techno makes you yearn for a great swimming pool and dancing with Gyweth Paltrow.
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6) Mulholland Drive
David Lynch's neo-noir's set is set in the underside of Los Angeles, and the soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch sets the mood. A mix of cheesey pop songs, bluesy numbers, and three tracks of the director's own creation.
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7) Dancer in the Dark
What would this film have been without the music? Pure torture. Bjork wrote and sang the songs that could make even the death penalty engaging. The CD clocks in at a short, emotional thirty-two minutes.
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8) Memento
Christopher Nolan's thriller about memory loss is super-stylized and so is the soundtrack, featuring tracks by Roni Size, Groove Armada, Radiohead, Bjork, Tricky, Peace Orchestra, Paul Oakenfold and Delerium.
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9) Trainspotting
Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Pulp. It's a hipster must own. You don't even have to watch the vomit and needle scenes to get the grooves.
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10) O Brother, Where Art Thou
The soundtrack for this Coen Brother's Depression-era film got more raves than the movie itself. The best of country, blues, bluegrass, folk, and gospel music is gathered on one precious disc.
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