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Place of Birth:

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Trivia #1:

She ranked #67 (2001) in Maxim's 100 Sexiest Women.

Trivia # 2:

Trained to be a classical violinist.

Career profile:

Argentinian actress Mia Maestro stars as Chichina Ferreyra opposite Gael García Bernal in Walter Salles highly acclaimed. "The Motorcycle Diaries."She has accrued an impression collection of screen credits since she made her debut in "Tango," directed by Carlos Saura in 1988. She has appeared in Mike Figgis' "Timecode" starring Saffron Burrows and Salma Hayak and "Hotel" starring Salma Hayak, Holly Hunter, and Kyle Machlachan. She recently co-starred with Geoffrey Rush, Edward Norton and Salma Hayak in "Frida." She also starred in "In The Time of Butterflies" directed by Mariana Barrosa for television.
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